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The crescendo of Lent is the joyful celebration of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. The pivotal event is the Resurrection and when Jesus overcame death it fully transformed the lives of the first disciples. This series will continue in the Easter season (and spirit) and take a look at 4 biblical characters whom Jesus first appeared to and how the Resurrection was the seminal event not just of his life and their lives, but of world history.  

Sermon and More

Week 1 Easter
Matthew 4:18-22
Coming Soon
Week 2 April 7
Mary Magdalene
Luke 8:1-3, John 20:11-18
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Week 3 April 14
Simon Peter
John 21: 15-19
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Week 4 April 21
John 20:24-29
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Week 5 March 17
Why Can’t It Be Christmas Every Day?
Matthew 1:18-25
Week 5 April 28
Acts 9:1-9
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