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Volunteer registration is open!

Clover Hill


Monday - 11am-3pm
Tuesday - 9am-3pm
Wednesday - 9am-3pm
Thursday - volunteers not needed
Friday - 9am-12pm

Falling Creek Elementary

Saturday only - 9am-3pm*

*This is a year-round school.  Therefore, students are currently in the building M-F so we are invited to help on Saturday.



Monday - volunteers not neededTuesday - 12-3pmWednesday - 12-3pmThursday - 9am-3pmFriday - volunteers not needed



Monday - 10:30am-3pmTuesday - 9am-3pmWednesday - 9am-3pmThursday - 9am-1pmFriday - volunteers not needed

Find  other ways to serve.

Roof Digging Week 2023
August 15-20

This is the biggest outreach event of our year!

We will send 50 volunteers to each of four elementary schools during teacher work week to do the things that need to be done for the school year to start on the best possible foot. 

Tasks to be accomplished

Bulletin boards in place

Gym balls inflated

Dingy walls painted

Form packets stuffed

Paint brushes washed and sorted

Labels on student mailboxes


Anything they need!

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