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Potential Land Sale

A real estate development firm has made Woodlake UMC an offer to purchase 10.5 acres of land. This contract comes after the previously approved contract with Resort lifestyles was terminated by the buyer. In July 2022, Woodlake UMC voted to sell 9.5 acres of land to Resort Lifestyles. This initial contract was terminated by the potential buyer with no fault of our own. Since then, the property has been actively marketed over these last two years. The Woodlake Board of Trustees has been working diligently on this project and we have a new contract before us.

The sale of this property would enable Woodlake to eliminate existing mortgage debt. Eliminating the mortgage debt would allow Woodlake UMC to be financially healthy, so that we can bless our local and global mission partners, fulfill our denominational obligations, and begin to dream about new ways Woodlake can reach our community for Jesus.

We invite all church members to vote on this important decision on Sunday, May 19. Please note that only in-person votes will be counted, so it is important to attend this meeting. If you would like to learn more about the land sale, we are holding three information sessions in the coming weeks:

Land Sale Vote

Sunday | May 19 | 6:00pm
In-Person vote for church members only

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