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Be confirmed in your faith.

Confirmation is a program for students in grades 7th-12th who wish to be confirmed in the United Methodist Church.  The program is designed to study the beliefs of the United Methodist Church as well as to dive deep into what it means to be a Christian.  Upon completion, students will have the opportunity to stand before the congregation and proclaim their faith and their commitment to Woodlake UMC.

Recommended for 7th-12th Graders

Confirmation combines worship, Bible study, service and church ministry opportunities together in one place.

Jeremy Ray
HSM Director 


All youth interested in confirmation

must register. Registration opens

September 1 and closes

October 15.


Mentors make the confirmation process more personal. Students meet with a mentor of their choice five times during the process. 

Jeremy Ray
HSM Director 

Mentor Document


Attend worship weekly, attend all classes and retreat, and attend youth group meetings two times.

Jeremy Ray
HSM Director 


The confirmation retreat is a one-day event held at Woodlake UMC for our confirmands. It is an important and mandatory component of the confirmation process as it provides an opportunity for learning, worship, service, and fellowship. The retreat is scheduled early in the process because it helps our confirmands build trust and bond as a group.


2023-2024 Confirmation Calendar


  • 10/15: Confirmation Kickoff Luncheon for all Confirmands, parents, and mentors/Final Registration Due

  • 10/22: Lesson 1: Meet Your Bible

  • 10/29: The Story of God


  • 11/3-5: MSM and HSM Fall Retreat (Encouraged. Confirmands receive a 50% discount)

  • 11/12: Lesson 3: Holy Trinity

  • 11/18: Confirmation Retreat -
    WUMC Campus
    Lesson 4: Relationship: Broken
    Lesson 5: Israel: God’s Chosen People
    Service Project
    Lesson 6: Jesus: God with Us

  • 11/26: No Class –
    Happy Thanksgiving


  • 12/3: Lesson 7: Relationship: Restored

  • 12/10: Lesson 8: The Promise of the Resurrection


  • 1/7: Lesson 9: What’s Yet to Come

  • 1/14: Lesson 10: What Is the Church

  • 1/21: Lesson 11: Prayer: Talking with God

  • 1/28: Lesson 12: Partnering with God’s Mission


  • 2/4: Lesson 13: Inviting Others into God’s Story

  • 2/11: Snow Makeup Day

  • 2/23 - 2/25: HSM Winter Retreat


  • 3/1: Confirmation Rehearsal

  • 3/3: Confirmation Weekend 

  • 3/8 & 10: Confirmation Weekend Snow Make Up Date

  • 3/15 & 3/17:
    MSM Journey Weekend

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