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Volunteer Process Redesign

Create processes to recruit, engage, equip and retain volunteers in the ministries and missions throughout the church and beyond.

The focus for the Volunteer Process Redesign Team is to develop improved processes for our volunteers that result in an optimal experience for our volunteers and others who participate in our ministries and missions. This initiative was initially included within the Worship Innovation, but has been expanded to all ministries and missions of the Church. The Volunteer Process Redesign Team will partner with the Worship Innovation Team to make the Woodlake weekend worship experience a model of excellence and with the Mission Team to ensure alignment of our volunteering needs with our missions.

For more information about this innovation, contact Winnie Pennington at or Pam Johnston at

Key Elements


Evaluate how volunteer roles are identified and defined across ministry and mission areas.


Partner with the Innovation Teams for Worship and Signature Missions to evaluate and identify
volunteer needs for rollouts of Worship Design and Signature Mission initiatives.


Develop processes and programs to align, train, encourage and retain volunteers with a focus on
optimizing volunteer talents with volunteer roles.


Establish a means for ongoing volunteer coordination and oversight that ensures continuity of
innovation mission and processes.

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