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Develop a signature mission that incorporates all our ministries and programs; identify discipleship standards; prioritize existing programs; define what it means to be a “Roof Digging Church.”​

As described in the NLI Report, “Woodlake UMC is a church that is doing a lot of things”. We need to build clarity, accountability, communication and focus on aligning our missions and programs into a signature (or “core”) mission.  This signature mission will help church leaders set priorities, and make important, and sometimes challenging, decisions about what we will or won’t do. This will allow Woodlake UMC to align budget, staff, and programming for greater impact.

For more information about the Focus Innovation, contact Pastor Gordon at For more information about our Mission Design work, contact Susan Custer at

Key Elements


Develop a church-wide signature mission (Mission Design Team)


Identify discipleship standards


Prioritize church programs (excluding  Worship, Adult Discipleship and Missions)


Define what it means to be a “Roof Digging Church”

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