What if?

“What if...?” is not just about stewardship.  It is an invitation to imagine new ways that our Roof Digging Church can be a blessing if we humble ourselves and pray, seek God first, and do something extraordinary. 

What if everyone who participates in worship, missions and discipleship at Woodlake UMC gave to the 2022 Annual Fund? 
Learn what that could mean in our community by reading through the
"What if?" brochure.

We are asking you to contribute to one fund -

2022 Annual Fund.

This is a change.

In past years, we’ve asked you to contribute to two separate funds:

1. Operating Fund  - worship, missions, discipleship and outreach

2. Building Fund - mortgage

This year, we’re combining both of these requests into

a single, combined fund.

Example: If you gave $5,000 to the Operating Fund and $2,000 to the Building Fund in 2021, then we ask that you consider giving a combined $7,000 to the Annual Giving Fund 2022.

Giving is vitally important

to the mission of our church.

A small increase in each person’s giving can

transform what our church is doing in Jesus’ name.

Example: If you are not already tithing, we ask that you prayerfully consider increasing your commitment in 2022 by 1% of your annual income.


Our goal is to receive a commitment card from every household that donates to the 2022 Annual Fund.  Reaching this goal will allow us to build an accurate and efficient 2022 budget.


2022 Annual Fund goal - $2.070M


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What does $2.070M enable us to do? Fully fund the missions and ministries of our church and meet our full mortgage obligations.

2) Do I need to complete a form if I already do automated giving? Yes, these commitments help the church establish next year’s budget.

3) Why are we moving to a single fund? To manage our church’s budget more like a household’s budget and increase flexibility.

Note: If you have questions related to your commitment to the 2022 Annual Fund , please contact Rand Mauck, Financial Administrator.  

Yes! I would like to commit to giving in 2022!
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2022 Commitment
Please note:  If you currently have established an automatic or recurring transaction for your giving with your bank or through Pushpay, please be sure to update your 2022 commitments with them.

By submitting this form, you are affirming the above commitment to the Annual Giving Fund 2022.

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