Making Change.

“Making Change,” is not just about stewardship. It is about the many ways Jesus calls his followers to be a catalyst for positive change in the world. Woodlake has been making change right here in our community for the past 34-years through our missions and ministries.

Learn about the change Woodlake UMC has made in our community and beyond and our plans to make even more change in 2021-’22

We are asking you to contribute in two ways –

  1. Operating Fund which includes worship, missions, discipleship and outreach

  2. Building Fund which pays the mortgage on our church property.

Both are vitally important to the mission of our church.  A small increase in each person’s giving can transform what our church is doing in Jesus’ name.


2021 Operating Fund goal - $1.68M makes it possible to "MAKE CHANGE" in these areas:

  • WORSHIP EXCELLENCE: More music and videos, higher quality production, expanded online ministry.

  • DISCIPLESHIP PATH: New curriculum and programs for adults, youth and children.

  • HEALTHY STAFF CULTURE: Cost of living increases for staff, hiring needed staff.

  • FINANCIAL HEALTH: Pay apportionments* (allows for the hiring of more pastors).

  • OUTREACH AND HOSPITALITY: Radical weekend hospitality, more community support/involvement.


2021 Building Fund goal - $400,000 makes it possible to pay down our loan faster.​​


  • Reduces total interest payments over life of the loan.

  • Accelerates our capacity to reach more people by improving and expanding existing facilities.




* Apportionments are the share each local church pays their conference to support international, national and regional missions.  Each church is assessed annually based on the size of their budget

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