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Decisions drive everything. Far too often, we don’t know how we ended up where we are. We make decisions but on gut feelings or the easy route. What if we had a biblical way of asking questions and making decisions? Good questions lead to better decisions. And better decisions lead to fewer regrets. Knowing the questions and pausing to ask them is the key. The hope is that these questions will inform your conscience and become permanent fixtures in your decision-making process. This will lead you to make better decisions and have fewer regrets.

Sermon and More

Week 1 Easter
Matthew 4:18-22
Week 2 April 7
Mary Magdalene
Luke 8:1-3, John 20:11-18
Week 3 April 14
Simon Peter
John 21: 15-19
Week 4 April 21
John 20:24-29
Week 5 March 17
Why Can’t It Be Christmas Every Day?
Matthew 1:18-25
Week 5 April 28
Acts 9:1-9
Coming Soon
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